About KU-FEL Facility

The KU-FEL facility has intense, short-pulsed midinfrared free electron laser (MIR-FEL) and THz coherent undulator radiation (THz-CUR) sources for energy related researches by in-house as well as national and international external users. MIR-FEL provides intense, short-pulsed laser light in the wavelength region from 3.4 to 26 micro-m. THz-CUR provides intense, quasi-monochromatic 10-cycle radiation in the frequency region from 0.17 to 0.6 THz.

Overview of the KU-FEL accelerator room


The midinfrared and THz radiation of the KU-FEL facility can be used various experiments such as the condensed matter physics, biology, chemistry and so on. In FY 2020, 14 external user groups use KU-FEL facility for their own research.

User Program

The KU-FEL facility is a facility that is open for external users under the Joint Usage/Research Center for Zero Emission Energy Research at Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University. In normal case, there is one deadline each year: Jan. 24th. About the application, please check the homepage of the Joint Usage/Research Center.