Single-Electron Irradiation for Scintillation Material Research

The electron linac of MIR-FEL in KU-FEL facility has a special operation setting for single-electron irradiation experiment for scintillation material research.

The amount of electron hitting on the scintillation target can be reduced down to one electron per macro-pulse (typically 2 micro-second).

The kinetic energy of electron can be varied from 2 to 40 MeV.

For the low energy condition from 2 to 9 MeV, the low energy section of the electron linac, i.e. before a acceleration tube, is used.

For the high energy condition from 9 to 40 MeV, the entire accelerator of the electron linac is used.

The first experimental results of single-electron irradiation in the energy range from 5 to 40 MeV were published in the Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. In this paper, responses of PWO, LaBr3:Ce, and LYSO:Ce scintillators to single-electron hits were reported.

Example of results of single electron irradiation experiment