User station #2 is for pump-probe experiment.

Users can use MIR-FEL together with ns-Nd:YAG (1064, 532, 355 nm), ps-Nd:YVO4/YAG (1064, 532 nm) and CW-HeCd (325, 442 nm) lasers.

In this user station, users can cool their sample down to 6 K by a closed cycle cryocooler with optical windows.

This setup enables the first experimental demonstration of direct observation of MIR-laser induced phonon vibration using anti-stokes Raman scattering.

In this user station following instruments are available.

    • ns-Nd:YAG laser with fundamental, second harmonics and third harmonics (Surelite SL-II-10, Continuum)

    • ps-Nd:YVO4/YAG laser with fundamental, second harmonics (in-house development, pulse duration of ~7 ps)

    • Optical Parametric Oscillator driven by ns-Nd:YAG laser (Signal 410 - 710 nm, Idler 710 - 2400 nm) New!!

    • CW-HeCd laser with the wavelength of 325 and 442 nm (made by Kimmon Koha)

    • Closed cycle cryocooler with optical windows (lowest temp. 4K, heater for temperature control, selection of optical windows: KBr, CaF2, SiO2)

    • UV-VIS spectrometer (TRIAX 180, Horiba) + CCD with fast gated image intensifier unit (PI-MAX-II, Princeton Instruments) & photomultiplier tube (R3896, Hamamatsu)

    • Various pyroelectric detectors (large are & slow response, small area & fast response)

    • Various focusing mirrors and lens

For more detailed information of each component, please contact to H. Zen.